Athlete Spotlight: Andrea Donohoe

BY FrankMeekins_OCB ON November 30, 2017

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, I was a happy, normal kid who played in the marching band and studied hard.  I tried countless sports and activities in middle and high school to keep up with my friends…dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, cross country, you name it!  Like […]

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Athlete Spotlight: Jasmine Spruill

BY FrankMeekins_OCB ON November 16, 2017

My journey to becoming a competitor started in June 2015. After being assigned to Virginia I joined LA Fitness where I was asked numerous times if I competed. I have always been big into fitness and would never miss a day in the gym, even if that meant I would need to go very early […]

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Athlete Spotlight: Ariona Zappaunbulso

BY FrankMeekins_OCB ON November 12, 2017

OCB Fam, we have a special athlete spotlight today, this was written while Ariona was in the hospital and was unable to speak.  Very powerful and moving first hand account of her fitness journey and her drive to succeed.  Check her page out and send some love!  @its_zapp Let’s go back to high school. The […]

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Athlete Spotlight – Jason Small

BY FrankMeekins_OCB ON May 5, 2017

Welcome to another addition of the OCB Athlete Spotlight.  Check out Jason Small – Amateur men’s physique athlete! Jason Small achieved his dream by placing in his first OCB competition last April in Catonsville, MD. He placed in three Men’s Physique categories: Third overall in Open Class B, first in the First Responder category, and […]

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